Anti-crack Tape
Performance: excellent capacity ofanti-cracking, thin, soft, easy connecting, durable, environment-friendly product. It is the best stitching and decorative product for the gypsum board, plywood board and other wall board.
Spec.: 5cm(W)×100m(L) 10cm(W)×100m(L)
Usage: Clean off dust in the gap between two panels. Pasting 801 glueon the gap, then stick the anti-crack tape on the gap.

Performance: excellent capacity ofanti-cracking, thin, soft, easy connecting, durable, environment-friendly product. It is the best stitching and decorative product for the gypsum board, plywood board

 and other wall board. 

Spec.: 5cm(W)×100m(L)   10cm(W)×100m(L) 

Usage: Clean off dust in the gap between two panels. Pasting 801 glueon the gap, then stick the anti-crack tape on the gap.

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