HZSY Building Co., Ltd is located in Wuhan city, China. It is a professional manufacture of wall panel material,  sandwich wall panel machine, wall tile,  and related other building material. It's leading exporter in China.  

Our main product is eps sandwich panel for wall, making sandwich panel machines, wall tile, and fiber cement board for decoration material etc. 

Our product is new lightweight, energy-saving, eco-friendly, fireproof, soundproof, waterproof, anti-earthquake, heat insulation and preservation. It's widely used for all kinds of high building and low building. Such as villa, hotel, KTV, school, cold room, office-building, plant etc.

Our product quality is guaranteed and has 70 years long lifetime. It's approved with ISO and CE certification. So far, our product has been exported to Philipine, U.A.E, Saudi Arabi, Singpore, Bangaladesh, Indonesia, Russia, Australia, Chile, etc.

Choose us is your best choice. Hope you join us!






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