Wall tile installation process
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1.Pasting Wall Tile Adhesive on the wall
Clean off the dust on the wall face, set up a line with laser line. Then, paste the cement adhesive to the back side of the tiles and the wall face. Adhesive mixture should be evenly applied and the thickness should be 2-3 mm, and adhesive area should cover more than 85%. 

2.Fill the joints
  The joints should be filled by special cement-based gap filler or silicone adhesive meeting National Standard. The adhesive mixture is not allowed to fill the joints directly to avoid alkali efflorescence. 

Point Joints
  The joints should be made by copper rod, and the joints should be dished, smooth, plump.

Clean wall tiles
  Clean the dirt of joint filler or cement mortar on surface and sides of the tiles before setting, mapping by dry sponge or scratching by plaster trowel. Fabric cloth with water is not allowed, or else resulting in alkali efflorescence.

Process Exterior Corners
1.Hitom edge is on the left side of the interface, with a smooth seam sealant.
2.Make 45°Diagonal by rotary sander, and match two tiles correctly.
3.Lapping joints is not allowed at exterior joints when tiles are thin. For lapping joints, 2-3 mm seam should be made at the lapping. The seam should be filled by joint fillers and someone must be put in charge of the work, then painted by coating of same color. 

Per practical experience, we learned that by applying adhesive mixture only on wall but not back of tile is not a controllable method, so it’s better not to adopt such method.

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